The Brucebo summer residency is for artists who would enjoy the isolation of a rural setting. The cottage is located near the small fishing village of Själsö. It is approximately 7 km from the town of Visby.  Known for it’s 13th-century ramparts and more than 200 warehouses and wealthy merchants’ dwellings from this period make Visby the best-preserved fortified commercial city in northern Europe. Brucebo artists are provided with bicycles. There is also a rather infrequent public bus service to Visby.


The cottage is a live-in studio space. There are no facilities for ceramics or large-scale sculpture however the high-ceiling space is ideal for painters. The layout of the Canadian Cottage includes the large studio, a large bedroom, a fully functional kitchen with laundry machine and a bathroom with shower. The cottage is equipped with an Internet connection.

There is a second Brucebo studio-cottage on the grounds that is used to host a Swedish artist during the summer. The Brucebo museum, housed in historic the Benedicks-Bruce residence, is located on the same road as the cottages. A representative of the Brucebo foundation in Gotland resides at the Brucebo museum and acts as a contact person for the Canadian artist in residence.

The recipient can usually establish contact with the university library in Visby. The Gotland Historical Museum, the “Fornsalen” has fine archives and exhibitits excellent historical artifacts, from the Viking era to more recent historical times.


Cottage Collage

Photo by Sara A. Tremblay